Western blot abreview for Anti-Cleaved PARP antibody [E51]

Application Western blot
Sample Zebrafish Tissue lysate - whole (whole embryo)
Gel Running Conditions Reduced Denaturing (12%)
Loading amount 10 µg
Treatment 25uM tamoxifen
Specification whole embryo
Blocking step BSA as blocking agent for 2 hour(s) and 0 minute(s) · Concentration: 5% · Temperature: 25°C

Other product details

Incubation time 24 hour(s) and 0 minute(s) · Temperature: 4°C · Diluent: PBST 2%BSA
Dilution 1/10000

Secondary antibody

Dilution 1/1000
Name Non-Abcam antibody was used: donkey anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) Cross Adsorbed Second
Host species: Goat
Clonality: Polyclonal
Conjugation: Horse Radish Peroxidase


Detection method ECL+
Exposure 10 minute(s) and 0 second(s)
Bands Specific: 25 kDa Non-specific: 10, 12 kDa
Positive control human HEK293T cells untreated and treated with doxorubinin (lanes

Additional data

Additional Notes ABTRIAL-EBLLK We have tried additional conditions: dilution 1:10000, buffer without BSA, dilution 1:1000 (PBST 2%BSA) We could not find the conditions for this antibody to give reproducible results for zebrafish. For human samples works well. Lane 1. HEK297 untreated Lane 2. HEK297 treated doxorubicin Lane 3. Zebrafish whole body lysate untreated Lane 4. Zebrafish whole body lysate treated tamoxifen Lane 5. Zebrafish whole body lysate treated tamoxifen and cisplatin

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Submitted Jul 28 2015