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Question (75964) | Anti-EGFR antibody [EP38Y] (ab52894)

Thank you for all the advice and the help you gave me

Please I was reading the protocol of the IHC kit I bought and I would like to have more information about the 3rd step in the staining protocol when you speak about perfoming an appropriate "pretreatment "if required. Wash 3 times in buffer.

Which kind of pretreatment? I want to have more details please I will be so thankful

The pretreatment note in the protocol of the IHC kit refers to the antigen retrieval step that is required for most antibody to achieve a successful IHC-P staining.
For both of these antibodies (ab14440 and ab52894) I can recommend to use Sodium Citrate Buffer pH 6.0.
Please find more information on antigen retrieval here:
We offer 10 x Sodium Citrate Buffer pH 6.0 for this purpose:
ab64214 (10x Citrate Buffer pH 6.0) http://www.abcam.com/index.html?datasheet=64214 http://www.abcam.com/index.html?datasheet=64214.
Please note that this step often requires intense optimisation and I can recommend to try a time curve to find the best antigen protocol for your samples and antibodies.
I wish you good luck with your research.

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