Abcam's Privacy Policy

Abcam's Privacy Policy



Abcam is committed to protecting your privacy. Any information we collect is stored on servers owned by Abcam which are held in physically secure locations and are protected by firewall and password based security measures.

The policy below sets out what information we collect, why we collect it and how we use that information.


basic information that we collect and what we do with it


When you search on the Abcam website, we may ask you to supply your name and an email address. This establishes a minimal "user profile" for you on the Abcam website.

We do this so that we can personalise your use of the website and contact you with information that we believe will help you with your research i.e. new and updated products related to your interests, or new services that Abcam is offering. You can configure the nature and frequency of contact from Abcam by editing your user profile.

In order to make accessing Abcam easier, we offer two quick-login options; both work by remembering the computer you last used to access Abcam

  • the website can remember who you are and automatically log you in from a given computer
  • the website can prompt you with the email address of the last person who used this computer

you should be aware that these options may be inappropriate for use on a public-access terminal since they can reveal your basic information (name and email address) to a subsequent user of the website on that terminal. This facility can be adjusted by editing your user profile so that either or both of these quick-login options can be disabled.


information we collect for ordering


If you place an order with Abcam, we will prompt you for address and contact details that will allow us to accurately fulfil and invoice you for the items you order. Except for credit card details that you may provide (see below), we will record this information in your user profile so that next time you order you do not have to re-enter these details.

If we ask you for particularly sensitive data, such as credit card information for payment, then this is passed over a secure encrypted (SSL) connection and we provide a third-party certificate which can be used to verify the credentials of the Abcam server you are supplying the details to. In the case of credit card information, this is stored on a server separate from other customer's information and is destroyed after any payment has associated with an order has been processed. In particular, this information is not stored with your user profile and is not accessible via this mechanism.


other information we may collect


You can use our site to contact other researchers who have published reviews on Abcam products.

In this case we do not reveal the reviewer's contact details on the website, but will forward your message (including your email reply address) directly to them. This is designed to enable you to get in touch with the reviewer without compromising the security of their personal information.

In this case we monitor the original message sent using the website both to check compliance with our ISP's abuse policy and so that if we think there is information of general benefit to our customers we can contact you and ask permission to publish this within the enquiries or reviews section of the product.

You can use our site to enter competitions, usually by answering survey questions. In this case sensitive personal data will only be used to aggregate responses.


statistical website usage information


Abcam also uses data collected from our website logs in aggregate form in order to spot general patterns of use of our website.

We do this in order to understand what users are interested in on our website and to help us improve the design of our website or product offerings.


what about cookies?


Cookies are pieces of data that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard disk. The Abcam website needs to use cookies in order to remember your preferences and to function properly, but the cookies we set up do not contain any information that can identify you.


disclosure of personal information to third parties


Abcam respects your right not to be contacted unless you want to, and we do not sell trade give or rent information that can identify you personally to any third party except as detailed below.

Abcam does use third parties in order to fulfil certain functions on its behalf. Examples of this are :

  • in order to ship a package to you, we have to tell the shipping company your name and address and possibly phone/fax number
  • we have commissioned market research and customer satisfaction surveys with sections of our customer base

in these cases we only disclose the information necessary to perform that specific function.


your consent


By using the Abcam website, you are consenting to us collecting and using the information as stated above.

If we change our privacy policy, we will post the changes here so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we disclose it.