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Abcam is committed to providing high quality products sustainably. We have a number of ongoing initiatives to provide you with the products you need, while minimizing our impact on the environment.


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Why the small vials?

As a pioneer focused on delivery and service, in 2006 Abcam invested in automated storage and retrieval units called comPOUND, typically used by pharma and biobanks for compound storage. Like all automated storage solutions, these highly efficient and accurate units operate using bar-coded vials of a defined size.

The early adoption of this technology is unique in our field and provides you with a number of benefits.

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Congratulations to our meeting reporter competition winner

Congratulations to Nambirajan Govindarajan, winner of The Node/Abcam meeting reporter competition. Nambirajan has won free registration to Adult Neurogenesis: Evolution, Regulation and Function (May 6-8, 2015 in Dresden, Germany) and he will be posting/tweeting as well as providing a full report after the meeting (available on our site and The Node).

Nambirajan is a postdoctoral fellow at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE). Find out more about Nambirajan and what he is looking forward to at the meeting.

Keep up with the what is happening and being discussed at the meeting by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Hippocampal circuit remodeling and information flow webinar is now on-demand

Our third installment of the webinar series on direct reprogramming by Benedikt Berninger (the University Mainz) and Alejandro Schinder (CONICET).

The webinar talks about adult neurogenesis as a substrate for experience-dependent circuit remodeling and information flow in the hippocampus. The conceptual and technical aspects on plasticity of neural circuits is also discussed.

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Immunofluorescent array tomography webinar now on demand

Watch for free our webinar titled 'Immunofluorescent array tomography for studying subcellular structures in the brain' to learn about this imaging method.

Presented by Kristina Micheva (Stanford University) and Thomas Misgeld (Technical University Munich and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases) to learn about this imaging method.

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Epigenetic editing: towards reprogramming of gene expression - webinar on-demand

This webinar introduces the current approaches to epigenetic editing and discusses how it can ultimately help correct epigenetics-associated diseases, presented by Dr Marianne Rots (the University Medical Center Groningen).

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Metabolic regulation of cell death webinar is no on-demand

Learn about the interplay between cell death and cell metabolism along with the mechanisms of cell death during cancer and ischemia. This webinar is presented by Dr Esteban Ballestar (PEBC-IDIBELL).

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DNA methylation changes during cell differentiation webinar is now on-demand

In this webinar, Dr Esteban Ballestar (PEBC-IDIBELL) explains the connections between DNA methylation and other epigenetic marks, as well as the interplay with transcription factors.

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Watch our webinar: Going out with a bang: understanding the pathways of necroptotic cell death

Want to understand the links and differences between apoptosis and necroptosis? Watch this on-demand webinar presented by Dr Andrew Oberst (University of Washington) to find out. This webinar also introduces new tools developed to activate effectors of necroptosis.

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Sign up for Molly’s Great Adventure

Take part in a series of fun activities with Molly and win prizes. The first 150 registrations will also receive a free limited edition Molly softy toy.

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