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SGM iPod winner announced

The winner of Abcam's iPod Touch prize drawing at the spring meeting of the Society for General Microbiology in Harrogate, UK was Gemma Watkins (University of Warwick).

"The SGM in Harrogate was actually the first conference I had been to so it was a good introduction into the ways scientists present their work to the wider community. The poster sessions were a good way of interacting directly with researchers on a more personal level, which I found useful as it can be very daunting asking questions in a large talk session! And winning an iPod has definitely resulted in a most favorable opinion of the Harrogate SGM so thank you very much! "

Microbiology products at Abcam

Abcam event chair named as 'Innovator of the Year'

We would like to congratulate Prof. Steve Jackson (Gurdon Institute, Cambridge) for winning the inaugural BBSRC 'Innovator of the Year' award. This title was awarded for his work to turn research on DNA damage and repair into cancer therapies that are now saving the lives of breast and ovarian cancer sufferers.

Prof. Jackson has a long relationship with Abcam, which includes chairing our first international meeting on Genome Stability in 2008. The next meeting in this series is the Maintenance of Genome Stability Conference, Antigua, March 8-11, 2010. Topics will include:

  • Replication, recombination and repair
  • Genome instability, disease and aging
  • The DDR and chromatin
  • DNA repair and genome stability

At the ceremony and gala dinner last month in London, UK, Prof Jackson was presented with a trophy and a prize of £10,000. Accepting the award, he said "It's a tremendous honor to receive this prestigious award. It really reflects that science, like that funded by BBSRC in my group over the years can yield both exciting science and commercial and social applications."

Competition winners celebrate Abcam's tenth anniversary

In October, we ran a competition to celebrate Abcam's tenth anniversary, offering the chance to win three prizes: a day out for your lab, a meal for your lab, and a basket of delicacies.

Learn more about the Abcam story, and find out how the winners got on below...

First prize: Dr Fumiko (Pathology Institute, Tokyo)

Here's some pictures of the lab's day out, and it looks like Molly the Sheep was lucky enough to be invited too!

Day out for spa and blowfish

Molly joins in

"We really enjoyed the hot spa and blowfish cuisine. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful opportunity". Dr Fumiko

Second prize: Dr Koh (Johns Hopkins University)

Meal out

"We all had a great time. Thank you!!" Dr Koh

Third prize: Dr Smit-Rigter (University of Amsterdam)


As well as the basket of goodies, you can spot the Abcam pathway cards too! "Thanks a lot for all the stuff. It was delicious. Here a photo of the basket and us enjoying it". Dr. Smit-Rigter

FIMSA camera competition winner announced

The winner of Abcam's camera competition at the 4th Congress of Federation of Immunologoical Societies of Asia-Oceania was Ms. Ong Shih Ting, (National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan)

camera competition winner

  • See the latest Immunology papers, posters, products and events.

Happy New Year to all scientists in China!

Look out for your free Molly magnets!

Collectible Mollly magnets

2009 is well and truly upon us, so it's time to open up the new Abcam calendar, 'The Fine Art of Science'.

What's more, we're doing something a little extra special this year. We've taken the artwork for each month (plus the awesome 'Sheep with the Pearl Earring' cover) and turned them into fridge magnets!

Magnets will be given out in order boxes for the whole of 2009, but we only have limited stock for each month. Even I haven't been able to get hold of any, they've been safely locked away...

So make sure you order early so you can collect all thirteen for your lab.

Read more about Molly and the Abcam story.

Happy New Year from everyone at Abcam

Wishing you all the best for 2009, and good luck with your research!

Birthday competition winners announced

Dr Fumiko, (Pathology Institute, Tokyo), Dr Koh (Johns Hopkins University) and Dr Smit-Rigter (University of Amsterdam) are the lucky winners of our tenth anniversary competition!

'The fine art of science': Abcam's new calendar

It may be a little early to start Christmas shopping for you lab, but Abcam have released the 'must-have' for this season, our 2009 calendar! This year's theme is 'The fine art of science', and in addition to Molly the sheep, it features 12 great characterization images from our lab.

Munch: The ScreamUpdate: as well as giving out the calendar in all orders, we have also produced some limited-stock fridge magnets based on the designs!

I had a quick chat with John, the designer who's worked on the calendar, our pathway posters, and the famous Molly...

Q: Hi John. What's the idea behind the Abcam calendar, and how many years have we been making these?


New site launched!

After a lot of work, testing and development, we've launched our new website. We want to make it as easy as possible to find the antibody you're looking for, so your feedback is very valuable. Let me know what you think by adding a comment to this post.

More ways to find our antibodies and reagents

As our catalog's now grown to over 45,000 products, we've decided to do a little re-organization. By selecting the new options in our navigation bar, you can now browse our catalog by product type, or by research area.

Products by type


Abcam prepares to send new website live

Following the recent improvements to our product browser we're about to go live with the next round of re-design.

As well as a clearer, cleaner style across the site, we're providing more ways to look for antibodies and related products. Plus, we're changing what's on our homepage to make it more useful and relevant to scientists.

I'll run through the highlights when it goes live in a weeks time. Until then, here's a snapshot of the new homepage to whet your appetite.

New site design

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