Anti-CREB (phospho S133) antibody [E113] (ab32096)

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ab32096 has been referenced in 16 publications.

  • Liu Y  et al. Dibutyryl-cAMP attenuates pulmonary fibrosis by blocking myofibroblast differentiation via PKA/CREB/CBP signaling in rats with silicosis. Respir Res 18:38 (2017). WB, IHC-P ; Rat . PubMed: 28222740
  • Pan B  et al. Chronic administration of aripiprazole activates GSK3ß-dependent signalling pathways, and up-regulates GABAA receptor expression and CREB1 activity in rats. Sci Rep 6:30040 (2016). WB ; Rat . PubMed: 27435909
  • Zhou D  et al. DL0410, a novel dual cholinesterase inhibitor, protects mouse brains against Aß-induced neuronal damage via the Akt/JNK signaling pathway. Acta Pharmacol Sin 37:1401-1412 (2016). PubMed: 27498773
  • Snow WM  et al. Morris Water Maze Training in Mice Elevates Hippocampal Levels of Transcription Factors Nuclear Factor (Erythroid-derived 2)-like 2 and Nuclear Factor Kappa B p65. Front Mol Neurosci 8:70 (2015). WB ; Mouse . PubMed: 26635523
  • Liu F  et al. The oncoprotein HBXIP enhances angiogenesis and growth of breast cancer through modulating FGF8 and VEGF. Carcinogenesis 35:1144-53 (2014). PubMed: 24464787
  • Liu L  et al. Genetic deletion of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase ß (CaMKK ß) or CaMK IV exacerbates stroke outcomes in ovariectomized (OVXed) female mice. BMC Neurosci 15:118 (2014). WB ; Mouse . PubMed: 25331941
  • Oerlecke I  et al. Cyclic AMP enhances TGFß responses of breast cancer cells by upregulating TGFß receptor I expression. PLoS One 8:e54261 (2013). WB ; Human . PubMed: 23349840
  • Ajj H  et al. An alkylphenol mix promotes seminoma derived cell proliferation through an ERalpha36-mediated mechanism. PLoS One 8:e61758 (2013). WB ; Mouse . PubMed: 23626723
  • Geng D  et al. Protective effects of EphB2 on Aß1-42 oligomer-induced neurotoxicity and synaptic NMDA receptor signaling in hippocampal neurons. Neurochem Int 63:283-90 (2013). PubMed: 23831214
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  • Shorning BY  et al. Intestinal renin-angiotensin system is stimulated after deletion of Lkb1. Gut 61:202-13 (2012). Mouse . PubMed: 21813469
  • Hsieh TH  et al. Phthalates induce proliferation and invasiveness of estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer through the AhR/HDAC6/c-Myc signaling pathway. FASEB J 26:778-87 (2012). WB ; Human . PubMed: 22049059
  • Mutel E  et al. Control of blood glucose in the absence of hepatic glucose production during prolonged fasting in mice: induction of renal and intestinal gluconeogenesis by glucagon. Diabetes 60:3121-31 (2011). ChIP . PubMed: 22013018
  • Pasquinelli V  et al. IFN-gamma production during active tuberculosis is regulated by mechanisms that involve IL-17, SLAM, and CREB. J Infect Dis 199:661-5 (2009). WB ; Human . PubMed: 19199539
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