Anti-Dnmt3b antibody - N-terminal (ab16049)

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ab16049 has been referenced in 13 publications.

  • De Pauw A  et al. Dnmt3a-mediated inhibition of Wnt in cardiac progenitor cells improves differentiation and remote remodeling after infarction. JCI Insight 2:N/A (2017). WB ; Mouse . PubMed: 28614798
  • Wu SY  et al. Brown Seaweed Fucoidan Inhibits Cancer Progression by Dual Regulation of mir-29c/ADAM12 and miR-17-5p/PTEN Axes in Human Breast Cancer Cells. J Cancer 7:2408-2419 (2016). WB . PubMed: 27994679
  • Sharma S  et al. Secreted Protein Acidic and Rich in Cysteine (SPARC) Mediates Metastatic Dormancy of Prostate Cancer in Bone. J Biol Chem 291:19351-63 (2016). PubMed: 27422817
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  • Yan MD  et al. Fucoidan Elevates MicroRNA-29b to Regulate DNMT3B-MTSS1 Axis and Inhibit EMT in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells. Mar Drugs 13:6099-116 (2015). WB ; Human . PubMed: 26404322
  • Cheng PF  et al. Methylation-dependent SOX9 expression mediates invasion in human melanoma cells and is a negative prognostic factor in advanced melanoma. Genome Biol 16:42 (2015). WB . PubMed: 25885555
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