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Introduction to ChIP principles and troubleshooting, webinar

This webinar covers the basics of Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) including how to optimize a ChIP experiment.

New to chromatin immunoprecipitation? Want to know how to optimize your ChIP experiments or get some troubleshooting tips? Watch this on-demand webinar, presented by our resident ChIP expert to learn more about this popular technique.

ChIP webinar

Highlighted points in this webinar are:

  • An introduction to chromatin and ChIP 
  • ChIP Protocols
  • Antibody selection
  • Troubleshooting tips and optimization
  • ChIP resources

ChIP is a very powerful technique that allows for the analysis of protein localization on DNA regions in the genome. Selective enrichment of a chromatin fraction using antibodies allows for the isolation of DNA regions and interacting proteins. Antibodies that recognize a protein or protein modification are used to determine protein localization and post-translational modification in the genome. The ChIP technique can be used in any area of research to further elucidate gene function and regulation in their native state.