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Take a break from the talks and join us at booth 1037.

 Exhibit hall dates: November 12–15, 2017

Activities for everyone

SFN 2017 booth

Make sure to stop by booth 1037 during SfN 2017, we have a number of activities to help your research:

  • Technical talks. Join any of our talks to get some tips and tricks for your research and learn what's new at Abcam:
    • Raising validation standards: Sun 3.45pm, Wed 11.05am
    • IHC protocol optimization and troubleshooting tips: Sun 11.05am, Tues 2.05pm
    • FirePlex® technology platform: Mon 11.05am, Tues 4.05pm
  • Trivia challenge. Stop by each day to pit your wits against your fellow researchers on topics such as IHC protocols and neural cell markers. Winners will receive a T-shirt.
    • Sunday 2.05pm
    • Monday 4.30pm
    • Tuesday 11.05am
    • Wednesday 2.30pm
  • Crossword puzzle. Find a few minutes of downtime during SfN (if that's even possible) to work on our crossword. Bring your completed puzzle to booth 1037 to be entered into a raffle.
  • Untangle tau. Take a break and see if you can untangle one of our Tau puzzles. Prizes available for those who attempt and bragging rights for those who successfully complete it! You can also untangle tau with these tau research tools.
  • Free resources. Click through interactive pathways, webinars, protocol videos and much more on our interactive touchscreens, then email to yourself for viewing any time.
  • We also have lots of neuroscience related prizes and giveaways: collect yours at booth 1037.
  • Terms and conditions apply for all activities.

Get to the root of neurodegeneration

Get to the root cause of neurodegeneration with a comprehensive range of neuroinflammation research tools to detect glia, aggregated proteins and proinflammatory mediators in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

Abcam booth design

Unable to attend SfN in person?

Visit our LabRoots online virtual conference which contains the same literature, webinars and videos we had available at SfN.

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