Anti-H2A.Z (acetyl K4 + K7 + K11) antibody - ChIP Grade (ab18262)

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ab18262 has been referenced in 17 publications.

  • Jiang Y  et al. Local generation of fumarate promotes DNA repair through inhibition of histone H3 demethylation. Nat Cell Biol 17:1158-68 (2015). WB, ChIP ; Human . PubMed: 26237645
  • Menafra R  et al. Genome-Wide Binding of MBD2 Reveals Strong Preference for Highly Methylated Loci. PLoS One 9:e99603 (2014). CHIPseq ; Human . PubMed: 24927503
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  • Dalvai M  et al. TIP48/Reptin and H2A.Z requirement for initiating chromatin remodeling in estrogen-activated transcription. PLoS Genet 9:e1003387 (2013). ChIP ; Human . PubMed: 23637611
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  • Bruce K  et al. The replacement histone H2A.Z in a hyperacetylated form is a feature of active genes in the chicken. Nucleic Acids Res 33:5633-9 (2005). PubMed: 16204459


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