Whole cell lysates

Exclusive to Abcam - find out more about our new range of whole cell lysates for Stem Cell research.

For the first time, whole cell lysates from embryonic stem cell lines are available!

Read on to find out more about these exciting new additions to our Stem Cells range...

Important note:

There are currently no regulations preventing the use of NIH funding for purchase of lysates/extracts from "non-approved" embryonic stem cell lines for research purposes.

MEL-1 and MEL-2 are Australian normal human male (46XY) and female (46XX) embryonic stem cell lines respectively. Each cell line was grown on gamma-irradiated mouse foreskin fibroblast feeder cells and less than 10% of the cells from which the lysate was derived were feeder cells. The production of MEL-1 and MEL-2 was ethically approved and they have now been accepted for deposition in the UK stem cell bank.

WB - Whole Cell Stem Cell Lysates


All lanes : Oct4 antibody (ab19857) at 1 ug/ml

Lane 1 : MEL-1 (hESC, male cell line) Whole Cell Lysate (ab27198)
Lane 2 : MEL-2 (hESC, female cell line) Whole Cell Lysate (ab27196)
Lane 3 : IOUD2 (mESC, selected for Oct4 expression cell line) Whole Cell Lysate (ab27202)
Lane 4 : F9 (Mouse embryonic carcinoma cell line) Whole Cell Lysate (ab27193)
Lane 5 : MEL-1 Whole Cell Lysate (ab27198) with Oct4 peptide (ab20650) at 1 ug/ml
Lane 6 : MEl-2 Whole Cell Lysate (ab27196) with Oct4 peptide (ab20650) at 1 ug/ml
Lane 7 : IOUD2 Whole Cell Lysate (ab27202) with Oct4 peptide (ab20650) at 1 ug/ml
Lane 8 : F9 Whole Cell Lysate (ab27193) with Oct4 peptide (ab20650) at 1 ug/ml

Lysates/proteins at 10 ul per lane.

The 46C and IOUD2 (below) lysates were both produced in the lab of Austin Smith. This lysate was taken from Sox1-positive neural precursor cells derived from mouse embryonic stem cells. The Sox1 selection technology is patented. Sox1-positive cells were selected using puromycin following growth of mouse ES cells in N2B27 neural differentiation media. The cell line was first described in:

Stavridis MP, Smith AG. Neural differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells. Biochem. Soc. Trans. (2001) 31, (45–49)

This is a mouse embryonic stem cell lysate selected for Oct4 expression. The IOUD2 cell line contains an Oct4-IRES-betageo construct allowing for Oct4 selection using G418. This cell line has been used in the following papers:

Jirmanova L et al. Differential contributions of ERK and PI3-kinase to the regulation of cyclin D1 expression and to the control of the G1/S transition in mouse embryonic stem cells. Oncogene 2002 Aug 15;21(36):5515-28

Paling NR et al. Regulation of embryonic stem cell self-renewal by phosphoinositide 3-kinase-dependent signaling. J Biol Chem 2004 Nov 12;279(46):48063-70.