Past event: Immune Tolerance in Cancer and Autoimmune Disease

May 6-9 2009, Jolly Beach Resort, Antigua

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Immune Tolerance in Cancer and Autoimmune Disease: how to break it, and how to (re-)make it.

Organized by Richard Vile (Mayo Clinic) and Richard Flavell (Yale)


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  • Molecular targets
  • Effectors: innate immunity
  • Effectors: adaptive immunity
  • Tolerance: cytokines
  • Tolerance: co-stimulation
  • Tolerance: regulatory T-cells,Vaccines and cells
  • Gene Therapy


Download the program as a PDF.

Wednesday, May 6
Welcome & Introduction: Richard Vile & Abcam

18:00-18:45   Keynote 1: James Allison: Immune checkpoint blockade in cancer therapy
18:45-19:30   Larry Pease: Activation of self-reactive CTL reveals a strong focus of the CD8+ T cell receptor repertoire on self
19:30   Welcome reception & buffet

Thursday May 7
7:30-9:00 Breakfast- Hemispheres Buffet
Session 1: What does it take to stimulate anti tumor immunity and autoimmunity
9:00-9:45 Esteban Celis: Novel ptent peptide vaccines for cancer
9:45-10:05 Jan Nilsson: Lipoprotein autoimmunity-a nvel target for cardiovascular therapy
10:05-10:35 Morning coffee
10:35-11:20 George Eisenbarth: Discovering critical molecular determinants of adaptive autoimmunity
11:20-11:40 Kevin Pavelko: Overcoming tolerance and inducing effective tumor immunity melanoma antiges

Session 2: Pathogen associated disease

11:40-12:25 Connie Trimble: Mechanisms of immune supression in HPV disease
12:25-12:40 Abcam speaker
12:40-16:00 Lunch-Bocciolo
Session 3: Suppression/regulatory T cells
Diane Mathis: Treg control of an autoimmune lesion
16:45-17:05 Anlun Ma: Dysfunction of IL-10 prodcuing type 1 regulatory T cells and CDy + CD25+ regulatory T cells in a mimic model of human multiple scierosis in cynomolgus monkeys
17:05-17:25 Sourojit Bohowmick: Suppression of autoimmunity via the eye and sympathetic nervous system
17:25-18:05 Mario Colombo: 0X40-0X40L bridges mast cells-treg interactions and affects the immune response to cancer and autoimmunity
18:05-18:25 Lisbeth Welniak: Negative consequences of IFN-gamma and TNI-alpha prodcution in response to immunotherapy with CD40 stimulation and IL-2: Implications in therapy for the aged
18:25-21:00 Poster session and dinner-poolside buffet 

Friday May 8
7:30-9:00 Breakfast- Hemispheres Buffet
Session 4: Co-stimulation and checkpoints
9:00-9:45 Scott Strome: Manipulation of the 4-IBB pathway for treatment of human malignancy
9:45-10:05 P.Zeng: Anti-B7 in immunotherapy of prostate cancer
10:05-10:35 Morning coffee
10:35-11:20 Padmanee Sharma: Immune responses mediated by CTLA-4 blockade
Session 5: Tcell therapies

11:20-12:05 Phil Greenberg: Tcell tumor therapy: overcoming obstacles to targeting self proteins expressed by the tumor
12:05-12:25 Patrick Baeuerle: Breaking T cell tolerance by surface antigen-1CD3-bispecific antibodies
12:25-12:45 Kelli MacDonald: KP SOCS3 regulates Th1 dependent acute graft-versus host disease
12:45-16:00 Lunch-Bocciolo
Session 6: Inflammation and waste disposal
Christopher Gregory : Apoptosis-driven innate immunity in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
16:45-17:05 Mladen Korbelik: Autologous whole-cell cancer vaccines generated by photocynamic therapy
17:05-17:25 George C. Prendergast: IDO pathway in inflammatory disease and cancer
17:25-19:30 Poster session followed by dinner-poolside buffet

Saturday May 9
Breakfast- Hemispheres Buffet
Session 7: Danger signals
9:00-9:45 Start Calderwood: Heat Schock proteins
9:45-10:30 Alan Melcher: Killing cancer cells with therapeutic viruses and the immune response-friend or foe?
10:30-11:00 Morning coffee
11:00-11:45 Richard Flavel: Role of TGF-ß in immune response to self tissue and tumors
11:45-12:30 Richard Vile: Using autoimmunity to treat cancer
12:30 Lunch-Bocciolo


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  • non-motorized water sports

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Abstracts for both oral and poster presentation are now invited. There will be two dedicated poster sessions and poster space is unlimited.

Delegates presenting posters will be provided with a board measuring two meters (height) by one meter (width) portrait style. Posters will be on display throughout the conference and sessions may take places outdoors, so delegates are advised to laminate posters to enhance their durability. You will be advised where to display your poster upon registration. 


The island of Antigua is world famous for its sailing, hosting some of the most prestigious events in the yachting calendar. It is also renowned for its beautiful beaches and excellent diving, enjoying well-preserved coral reefs and shipwrecks off virtually every one of its 365 beaches!

For further information on places to visit, see the official Antiguan department of tourism.

Travel options

V. C. Bird International is the sole airport in Antigua, located on the North-East coast of the island. Abcam will organize transfers for delegates as part of the conference package. Transfer time is approximately 30 minutes.

Antigua is served by several major airlines from North America and Europe:


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Internet access

An internet café organized by Abcam will be available for the duration of the conference for delegate use. At the time of writing, internet access is not available in guest bedrooms, but should this become available delegates will be required to cover any additional costs associated with this.


The resort is fully inclusive and the conference fee includes all meals, beverages and social events. Telephone charges and other extras must be covered by delegates and you will be asked to provide credit card details upon check-in at the hotel to cover any such costs.

Money and local information

The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, although US currency is accepted almost everywhere. American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are accepted. ATMs are available in major resorts. Travelers checks are widely accepted and can be exchanged at international banks, hotels and larger stores. To avoid additional exchange rate charges, travelers are advised to take travelers checks in US Dollars

Time zone: GMT/UTC -4
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Electric plug details: American-style two-pin plugs
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As before any travel, delegates are strongly advised to ensure they have adequate medical insurance and research any necessary vaccinations they may require; taking advice from relevant health care professionals. Bringing sufficient sun cream protection and mosquito repellent is a must. Delegates will be provided with emergency contact numbers upon registration at the conference.

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