Therapeutic Approaches to Neurodegeneration - Age Modifiers, Proteostasis, and Stem Cells

Start date
February 14, 2011
End date
February 17, 2011
Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
Nassau, Bahamas
Aging, proteostasis, and stem cells

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Interview with Andy Dillin
Read what Andy Dillin has to say about his research, the last Abcam meeting on aging, the 2011 Neurodegeneration conference, and the difference between the conference and other conferences.


Following the success of our 2007 conference on Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration, Andrew Dillin (Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Glenn Center for Aging Research/Salk Institute, USA) will be chairing our next conference in the series.

This year, Dr. Dillin will be joined by co-chairs David Holtzman (Washington University School of Medicine, USA) and Sean Morrison (University of Michigan, USA).