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Higher sensitivity and quicker results

Quality reagents are key to the accurate localization and identification of antigens on histological sections. Explore our wide range of Immunohistochemistry (IHC) detection reagents which includes our EXPOSE biotin-free detection kits our Biotin-Streptavidin detection systems and ancillary reagents designed to help you produce sensitive and reproducible results.

EXPOSE biotin-free IHC detection kits

EXPOSE biotin-free IHC detection kits provide higher sensitivity as the enzyme is conjugated directly to the detection antibody using proprietary long-arm linkers. The benefit of a biotin-free system compared with streptavidin-biotin systems is that the biotin-free configuration removes the possibility of detecting background associated with endogenous biotin.

Increased sensitivity

costing you less
  • The compact size of the EXPOSE IHC detection antibody conjugate enables diffusion through tissue promoting access to primary antibodies which ultimately increases the amount of target detected
  • Requires less antibody

Improved signal to noise ratio

saving you time
  • Get clean and crisp IHC staining

Flexible IHC options

you choose

  • Select from EXPOSE IHC HRP/DAB, HRP/AEC and AP Red detection kits
  • Works with mouse and rabbit primary antibodies

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EXPOSE IHC detection kit

EXPOSE IHC kit (ab80436)

Standard IHC technique

Standard IHC technique

SOX2 antibody (ab97959) IHC on developing chicken brain using EXPOSE Rabbit and Mouse specific HRP-DAB detection IHC kit (ab80436)

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