Metabolism Assay Kits

Easily measure metabolic activities

Metabolism refers to the catabolic and anabolic biochemical reactions inside of the cell. It is the collection of biological reactions by which living cells process nutrient molecules and maintain a living state. Metabolism involves complex sequences of chemical reactions called metabolic pathways.

We have an extensive range of assay kits for your metabolism studies. The assays are designed to be performed in a 96-well plate format and analyzed by fluorometric or colorimetric methods.

Assay flow diagram

Easy to perform

quick and reliable testing

  • Sensitive and accurate
  • Just add, mix and read
  • Easy calculable results
  • Suitable for high-throughput assays

Detection options

  • Fluorometric and colorimetric
  • Wide assay range (2-200 µM)

Find kits to determine levels and presence of:

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