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AbExcel Secondary Antibodies

Western blotting (WB) is regarded as one of the most sensitive techniques to detect specific proteins. The final step of a WB experiment is the visualization of specific proteins, which can be performed in two different ways:

1. Using a primary antibody linked to an enzyme such as alkaline phosphatase (AP) or horseradish peroxidase (HRP)
2. Incubation with a labeled secondary antibody. The advantage of using a secondary antibody is signal enhancement - as several secondary antibodies bind to a single primary.

Our new comprehensive AbExcel secondaries range
comprises 19 AP and HRP-conjugated secondaries for the WB detection of
chicken IgY and goat/mouse/rabbit/rat IgG:

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Conjugate anti-Chicken IgY anti-Goat IgG anti-Mouse IgG anti-Rabbit IgG anti-Rat IgG
  Goat Rabbit Donkey Rabbit Goat Rabbit Donkey Goat Goat Rabbit
AP - ab97137 ab97107 ab97097 ab97020 ab97043 ab97061 ab97048 ab6846 ab6735
HRP ab97135 ab97140 ab97110 ab97100 ab97023 ab97046 ab16284 ab97051 ab97057 ab102172

Five reasons for using AbExcel secondaries

View AbExcel secondary antibody ab97043

All lanes: beta actin antibody ab8226 at 1 µg/ml

Lanes 1-2: AbExcel secondary ab97043; 1/5000

Lanes 3-4: AbExcel secondary ab97043; 1/20,000

Lanes 5-6: AbExcel secondary ab97043; 1/50,000

All AbExcel secondaries have been extensively tested

AP-conjugated AbExcel secondaries can be routinely
used at dilutions ranging from 1/5000 to 1/50,000

Based on a 1/5000 dilution in 3ml milk/BSA, you can do over 1500 blots
with a single vial of an AP-conjugated AbExcel secondary

HRP-conjugated AbExcel secondaries can be routinely
used at dilutions ranging from 1/2000 to 1/20,000

Based on a 1/2000 dilution in 3ml milk/BSA, you can do over 600 blots
with a single vial of HRP-conjugated AbExcel secondary

How to improve your WB

Are you having trouble with high background, unequal loading, weak signals or incomplete stripping? Check out our comprehensive WB resources and get some advice on how to improve your experimental conditions:

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