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CytoPainter | subCellular staining kits

Quick and vibrant subcellular staining


CytoPainter - the ideal platform for multicolor staining

CytoPainter is a multicolor staining platform that allows you to effectively visualize cellular components and cellular tracking.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • Minimal hands-on time - prepare cells, add dye, incubate and analyze
  • Proprietary fluorescent dye with high photostability - minimal photobleaching
  • Available in a variety of colors - ideal for co-localization studies with transfected stable cell lines (such as GFP, tomato or mCherry)
  • Compatible with most common fluorescent microscope filters
  • Suitable for proliferating and non-proliferating suspension and adherent cells

You can track membrane/protein transport through the endomembrane system, visualize actin skeleton structure or cellular mitochondria, as well as labeling and tracing cells to study cellular motility and other cell events in a spatial and temporal context.

CytoPainter Kits for subcellular structures

StructureDye informationEx/Em (nm)Live cellsFixed cellsAbID

Cell-permeable dyes that specifically localize to endoplasmic reticula (SER & RER).

Dyes are also partially retained during or after cell fixation and detergent permeabilization.

441/551 (aldehyde) ab139481
580/677 (aldehyde) ab139482

Cell-permeable dye that specifically localizes to Golgi apparatus.

Dye is also retained during or after cell fixation.

473/534 (aldehyde) ab139483

Combination of cell-permeable probes that specially localize to Golgi and ER.

This product can only be used for live cell imaging.

Golgi = 473/534

 ER = 580/677


Phalloidin-conjugated dye that specifically binds to F-actin.

As F-actin (actin filaments) is a very dynamic and labile structure, this probe is only recommended for formaldehyde-fixed cells or tissues.


  (aldehyde) ab112124
500/520   (aldehyde) ab112125
550/575   (aldehyde) ab112126
594/610   (aldehyde) ab112127

Cell-permeable dye that specifically accumulates in the lysosome via the lysosome pH gradient (pH4.5-4.8).

Dye is also retained during cell fixation.

Great alternative to Lysotracker.

350/445 (aldehyde) 112135
490/525 (aldehyde) ab112136
405/520* (aldehyde) ab112138
542/560 (aldehyde) ab138895
575/597 (aldehyde) ab112137
596/619 (aldehyde) ab138896

Cell-permeable dye that specifically accumulates in the mitochondria via the mitochondrial membrane potential gradient.

Dye is also retained during cell fixation.

Great alternative to Mitotracker.

490/520 (aldehyde) ab112143
405/575* (aldehyde) ab138897
545/575 (aldehyde) ab112144
580/600 (aldehyde) ab112145

Cell-permeable dye that specifically accumulates in the nucleolus. This kit contains a control nucleolus perturbation agent, actinomycin D.

This probe is only recommend in live cells as it is difficult to study nucleolar dynamics in fixed cells.

450/481   ab139475

*Large Stokes shift - for multiplex fluorescence experiments


Visualize live cells for hours with no photobleaching

Analyze your cells of interest for hours thanks to our cell tracking dyes that are retained in living cells. The dyes consist of hydrophobic molecules that can permeate through the plasma membrane and become strongly fluorescent once inside the cell.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • Proprietary fluorescent tracking dye with high photostability - no photobleaching
  • No efflux from cell - more stable inside the cell than CFSE
  • Can be used in fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry and microplate reader assays
  • Suitable for proliferating and non-proliferating live suspension and adherent cells

CytoPainter Cell Tracking Kits


 Dye informationEx/Em (nm)Live cellsFixed cellsAbID
Cell Tracking

Non-fluorescent dye with a cell-retaining moiety. Upon entering cells, dye becomes fluorescent and trapped in the cells.

The adduct formed in labelled cells is retained by cells through development and meiosis, and is inherited by daughter cells after cell division.

360/445   ab138890
490/525   ab138891
540/560   ab138892
540/590   ab138893
637/650   ab138894

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