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DyLight® 650 replaces DyLight® 649

The excitation of the DyLight® 650 fluorophore is 652nm and the emission is 672nm. DyLight® 650 offers the same far red fluorescence and photostability as the DyLight® 649 fluorophore. The substitution of the DyLight® 649 dye will not require you to change your experimental set-up.
View frequently asked questions related to the substitution of DyLight® 649 by DyLight® 650.

DyLight® a new family of dyes

DyLight® fluorochromes are suitable for fluorescence microscopy, Western blotting (with fluorescent scanners) and flow cytometry.

  • Bright fluorescence – intense emission provides superior sensitivity
  • Highly photostable – better resistance to photobleaching
  • Completely stable in buffers ranging from pH 4-9

Table: Spectral properties of DyLight® fluorochromes. In order to expand the spectra, please click on the spectrum icons.





ε (M-1cm-1)

Spectrally equivalent dyes

DyLight® 488



Expand the Dylight®488 spectrum


Alexa Fluor 488®, Fluorescein, FITC, Cy2®

DyLight® 550



Expand the Dylight®550 spectrum


Alexa Fluor 555®, Cy3®, TRITC

DyLight® 594



Expand the Dylight®594 spectrum


Alexa Fluor 594®, Texas Red®

DyLight® 650



Expand the Dylight®650 spectrum


Alexa Fluor 647®, Cy5®

Ex/Em: Excitation and emission wavelength in nanometers (+/- 4nm)

ε: Molar extinction coefficient at the absorption maximum

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DyLight® is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and its subsidiaries. Cy® and CyDye® are trademarks of GE Healthcare Limited. Alexa Fluor® is a trademark of Molecular Probes Inc.

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