Inflammation and Atherosclerosis

Start date
September 20, 2012
End date
September 21, 2012
Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU)
Munich, Germany

- Genes, lipids and systemic inflammation
- Early inflammatory and immune-driven atherogenesis
- Mechanisms of progression: microRNAs, lipid and immune stress
- Novel treatment options

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As a chronic inflammatory disease of the arterial wall, atherosclerosis is a leading cause of death and morbidity worldwide. This conference will highlight molecular mechanisms giving rise to the disturbed equilibrium of vascular homeostasis, lipid accumulation, immune responses and their clearance during atherogenesis. Leading specialists in the field will present recent observations linking genetic variants, lipids and inflammation, as well as providing insights into the role of inflammatory cell subsets, their mediators and signaling mechanisms in atheroprogression. Novel treatment options to interfere with these mechanisms, including peptide- and microRNA-based therapeutics, will be discussed.

Meeting chair: Prof Christian Weber (Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany)

Endorsed by:

ESC Atherosclerosis Vascular Biology Working Group    

European Society of Cardiology