Mitochondrial Trafficking and Function in Neuronal Health and Disease

Start date
June 25, 2012
End date
June 26, 2012
The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School
Boston, US

- Regulatory mechanisms of mitochondrial trafficking, fission and fusion
- Mitochondrial regulation of synaptic function and plasticity
- Imaging mitochondrial function and cellular bioenergetics in vitro and in vivo
- Mitochondrial function and neurodegeneration
- Mitochondrial quality control, mitophagy and the PINK1-Parkin pathway

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Invited speakers


Mark Cookson (NIH, US)
"Roles of recessive Parkinson's disease genes in mitochondrial health and dysfunction" 

Elizabeth Jonas (Yale University, US)
"Bcl-xL regulates neuronal metabolism and neurodegeneration by interacting with the ATP synthase" 

Thomas Misgeld (Technical University Munich, Germany)
"In vivo imaging of mitochondrial dynamics in the vertebrate nervous system" 

Vamsi Mootha (Broad Institute, US)
"From mitochondrial parts and pathways to pathogenesis"

Zheng Li (NIH, US)
"The canonical and non-canonical functions of mitochondria in neurons" 

Leo Pallanck (University of Washington, US)
"Using drosophila to study the PINK1-Parkin mitochondrial quality control pathway" 

Thomas Schwarz (Harvard, US) 
"Regulation and misregulation of mitochondrial motility"

Luca Scorrano (Universite de Geneve, Switzerland)
"An autophagic filter prevents entry of mitochondria carrying mutated Opa1 in retinal ganglion cell neurites" 

Zu-Hang Sheng (NIH, US)
"Axonal mitochondrial transport and its impact on synaptic transmission and mitochondrial quality control" 

Stefan Strack (University of Iowa, US)
"Regulation of mitochondrial fission in neuronal development and plasticity" 

Ella Bossy-Wetzel (University of Florida, US)
"Regulation of mitochondrial fission and fusion in health and disease" 

Gary Yellen (Harvard University, US)
"Genetically-encoded fluorescent biosensors for metabolism" 

Gary Russo (University of Arizona, US)
"Miro's GTPase domains control mitochondrial transport and structure in axons of Drosphila"

Qian Cai (Rutgers and NINDS, NIH, US)
"Imaging dynamic and spatial Parkin translocation and mitophagy in mature cortical neurons"

Talia Atkin (UCL, UK)
"Regulation of mitochondrial trafficking by Schizophrenia associated protein DISC1"

Heather Mortiboys (University of Sheffield, UK)
"Mitochondrial impairment in patient fibroblasts from manifesting and non-manifesting LRRK2G2019S mutation carriers"

Kenneth Moya (College de France, FR)
"Non-cell autonomous homeoprotein signaling by mitochondrial activation in Parkinson's disease and growth cone guidance"

Emilie Hollville (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
"Parkin-dependent mitophagy is inhibited by pro-survical Bcl-2 family proteins"

Ming Guo (UCLA, US)
"Molecular Pathways to Parkinson's Disease"

Helene Plun-Favreau (IoN, UCL, UK)
"The Parkinson's disease genes Fbxo7, PINK1 and Parkin interact to mediate mitophagy"

Nicol Birsa (UCL, UK)
"Ubiquitination of the mitochondrial transport protein Miro by the Parkin ubiquitin ligase"

Song Lui (Stanford, US)
"Parkinson's Disease-associated kinase PINK1 regulates miro protein level and axonal transport of mitochondrial"

Selected abstract speakers

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Poster abstract deadline: June 10, 2012