Quick guides to pharmacology and signaling @ a glance

To supplement the Abcam Biochemicals range we have developed a series of handy guides to life science topics including receptor pharmacology, signaling processes and new technologies.

These @ a glance guides are designed to help if you are new to an area, or simply want to refresh your knowledge. We know how precious time is, so our guides are designed to help you to consolidate your knowledge quickly.

Our technical team have summarized key information in each field in order to help you find the information you need quickly and easily. 


Guides contain a range of information including:

  • Relevant IC50, pIC50, EC50, pKi, Ki and Kd values
  • Informative and easy to understand diagrammatic pathways
  • Recommended resources including useful database links
  • Key references from experts in the field

We currently have the following guides available:

Akt Signaling

Apoptosis signaling

Cannabinoid receptors

Clathrin inhibitors

Dynamin inhibitors

Endocytosis modulators

Fluorescent false neurotransmitters & synaptic transmission

Fluorescent GPCR ligands

Guide to Pharmacology

Glutamate receptors

G-protein-coupled receptors

Histamine receptors


Life Scientist's guide to chemistry

MAPK signaling

Metabotropic (mGlu) glutamate receptors

Opioid receptors

Purinergic receptors


Our team continually review the current scientific literature and each guide contains our recommendations for reviews, publications and on-line resources that may be of interest within each area, helping you to stay up-to-date with cutting edge research.


If there is an area that you would like to know more information about and it's not in the list above then please contact our technical team who will be happy to help.


Coming soon!

Our technical team are currently producing handy guides for some other areas including:

  • Chemokines
  • GABA
  • Amyloidogenesis
  • Epigenetics
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