Exclusive endocytosis modulators

Endocytosis is an essential process which regulates how cells interact with the surrounding environment. It involves the uptake and recycling of extracellular material.

A number of exclusive endocytosis research tools are featured as part of the Abcam Biochemicals range. These modulate clathrin and dynamin, two key molecules involved in endocytosis. By modulating clathrin and dynamin, researchers can explore the processes and mechanisms of endocytosis and investigate its important physiological and pathophysiological role.


Dynamin modulators

Dynamin is a key GTPase involved in various forms of endocytosis. Various dynamin inhibitors including the exclusive Rhodadyns are now available as part of the Abcam Biochemicals range. These inhibit dynamin, causing subsequent inhibition of endocytosis.


New! Exclusive dynamin inhibitor

The novel tools Rhodadyn C10™ and its inactive control Rhodadyn B10™ are designed from a completely new chemical scaffold and are brought to you first by Abcam Biochemicals. By inhibiting dynamin I GTPase activity, Rhodadyn C10™ potently inhibits clathrin-mediated endocytosis. The Rhodadyns are exciting tools which complement other dynamin inhibitors and provide researchers with greater options for studying endocytosis. Read more»

Rhodadyn C10™ is cell-permeable and potently inhibits dynamin GTPase activity (IC50 = 7.1 μM). It inhibits clathrin-mediated endocytosis of transferrin IC50 = 7.0 μM).

The negative control, Rhodadyn B10™ demonstrates no significant inhibition of dynamin I in vitro GTPase activity.


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Other dynamin inhibitors 


Compound Dynamin I Inhibition (μM)Dynamin II Inhibition (μM)
Iminodyn-22™ 450 nM 390 nM
Iminodyn-17™ 330 nM 440 nM
Dynole-34-2™  1.3 14.2
Dynole-31-2™  >300  
RTIL-13™ 2.3  
MiTMAB™ 3.1 8.4
OcTMAB™ 1.9 4.4
Pro-Myrisitic Acid 9.2  
Dyngo-4a™ 380 nM 2.6 μM

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Clathrin modulators

Clathrin-mediated endocytosis is a predominant form of endocytosis and regulates many physiological processes.
The exclusive clathrin inhibitors Pitstop 1™ and Pitstop 2™ are novel tools which selectively inhibit ligand association with clathrin's terminal domain. This selectively inhibits clathrin-mediated endocytosis (IC50 = 12 μM for inhibition of amphiphysin association of clathrin TD).

The Pitstop compounds additionally interfere with HIV entry and synaptic vesicle recycling.


CompoundInhibition of Amphiphysin association of clathrin terminal domain (IC50 in μM)
Pitstop 1™ 18
Pitstop 1™ Negative Control N/A
Pitstop 2™ 12
Pitstop 2™ Negative Control N/A

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