Mitochondria and the Central Nervous System

Start date
December 17, 2012
End date
December 17, 2012
Kennedy Lecture Theatre, Institute of Child Health
London, UK

Mitochondrial dysfunctions; Diseases of the CNS; Mitochondrial genetic disease

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Meeting Chair
Michael Duchen, (University College of London, Research Department of Cell and Developmental Biology)

Kennedy Lecture Theatre, Institute of Child Health, Guildford Street, London, UK.

Meeting Sponsors
Abcam is proud to be working with co-sponsors UCL' Domains for Basic Life Sciences and Neuroscience' and Seahorse Bioscience to bring you this event.


Mitochondrial dysfunction is emerging as a central theme in all the major neurodegenerative diseases, while also playing key roles in ischaemic injury following stroke. In this symposium we will bring together key elements and highlight recent developments in this rapidly growing area. Our guest speakers are world leaders in their fields. Thomas Langer will talk about mitochondrial quality control, an area that has really only been understood in the last few years but which seems pivotal in defining mitochondrial - and therefore cell - health.  Massimo Zeviani will talk about recent identification of novel proteins that play central roles in aspects of human mitochondrial and neurological disease. Both are outstanding scientists and superb speakers. We will also highlight the breadth of work in the field, from modelling studies in the mammalian CNS to the development of novel models in the fruit fly.

We hope that these symposia will serve as a focal point for interaction in this rapidly expanding and fascinating branch of biomedicine, hope that many people will take the opportunity to come and showcase their work, and look forward to welcoming you to UCL.