Mitochondria and the Central Nervous System

Start date
December 17, 2012
End date
December 17, 2012
Kennedy Lecture Theatre, Institute of Child Health
London, UK

Mitochondrial dysfunctions; Diseases of the CNS; Mitochondrial genetic disease

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Invited speakers

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Opening Keynote: Thomas Langer, (Institute of Genetics, Cologne)
Mitochondrial quality control and disease of the CNS

Catherine Hall, (University College of London)
Energy Supply in the Brain

Helene Plun Favreau, (University College of London)
Mitochondrial proteins and mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease

Kenneth Smith, (University College of London)
Mitochondrial dysfunction in demyelinating disease

Alex Whitworth, (University of Sheffield)
Modelling neurodegenerative diseases 'in drosphila'

Paul Chapple (Barts), (William Harvey Research Institute)
Sacsin and cerebellar ataxia

Closing Keynote: Massimo Zeviani
Incoming director of the Medical Research Council of Mitochondrial Biology Unit, (Cambridge, UK)
Mitochondrial genetic disease and the CNS

Selected abstract speakers