Chromatin, Replication and Chromosomal Stability 2013

Start date
June 17, 2013
End date
June 19, 2013
BRIC, University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

- Chromosomal architecture
- Chromosomal stability
- Replication structure and fork progression
- Chromatin maintenance and cellular memory

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Meeting chairs
As in previous years, the conference was be chaired by Anja Groth (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Catherine Green (University of Cambridge, UK) and Camilla Sjögren (Karolinska Institute, Sweden).


The epigenetic framework guides events like replication, repair and transcription, which in turn themselves leave an imprint on chromatin and chromosomal structure. Understanding how modulation of chromatin during replication and repair influence cell fate decisions in normal development and disease represents a major challenge. By bringing together leading scientists in chromatin, replication, repair and epigenetics, this conference aims to inspire discussions and new ideas on the interplay between chromosome architecture, epigenetic inheritance and genome duplication.

Conference chairs: Anja Groth, Catherine Green and Camilla Sjögren.