Cardiac Failure 2013 - Epigenetics, MicroRNA and Mitochondria

Start date
October 31, 2013
End date
October 31, 2013
Institute of Child Health, UCL
London, UK

- Epigenomics in heart failure
- Cardiac myocyte stress and survival
- The role of mitochondrial DNA
- Monitoring cardiac failure

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Attendees heard exciting research in the cardiac arena from speakers covering:

  • Present state of the art research centred on epigenetics and epigenomics in heart failure, including the impact of chromatin architecture on cardiac myocyte stress and survival
  • Introduce how the mitochondrion influences cardiac cell stress and survival - the role of mitochondrial DNA
  • How to monitor cardiac failure - circulating microRNA as biomarkers of CVD

Meeting chair
Prof Paul Townsend (Faculty Institute for Cancer Sciences, University of Manchester)