Angiogenesis and Leukocytes in Atherosclerosis

Start date
January 30, 2014
End date
January 31, 2014
Uptown Geneva
Geneva, Switzerland
- Atherosclerosis and angiogenesis
- Oxidative effects in atherosclerosis and angiogenesis
- Atherosclerosis and macrophage subtypes
- Biomechanics and plaque vulnerability/shear stress

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Third meeting in the series
Following the first two meetings in this series - The Leukocyte in Cardiovascular Disease in Geneva 2011 and Inflammation and Atherosclerosis in Munich, 2012 (chaired by Christian Weber), this was the 3rd meeting in the series.

Original chairs Beat Imhof and François Mach (University of Geneva) were joined by Brenda Kwak (University of Geneva) for this two day meeting.

Meeting language
The official language of the conference is English.


Angiogenesis, immune cells, oxidative stress and biomechanical shear forces have a large influence on cardiovascular pathologies. This conference will highlight the molecular roles of these cells and mechanisms in atherogenesis; talks will be given by leading specialists in the field. Atheromas are dynamic lesions of dysfunctional endothelial and smooth muscle cells driven by infiltrating inflammatory monocyte/macrophages, lymphocytes and angiogenic endothelial cells. Furthermore, biomechanical and oxidative stress plays a pivotal role in rendering atherosclerotic plaques vulnerable. Potential therapeutic interventions will be discussed.

European Society of Cardiac Radiology European Atherosclerosis Society