Maintenance of Genome Stability 2014

Start date
March 3, 2014
End date
March 6, 2014
Marriott St. Kitts Resort
St. Kitts

- DNA repair, replication and recombination
- Checkpoints and cell cycle control
- Control by post-translational modifications
- Links to nuclear architecture, chromosome biology, chromatin, transcription and other processes
- Genome instability in disease and ageing; diagnostic and therapeutic applications

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This meeting will bring together researchers investigating how DNA damage is generated, and is dealt with at the molecular, cellular and whole-organism levels. In addition to addressing well-studied but as yet incompletely understood research areas, the meeting will feature scientists who are linking DNA-damage responses to diverse new areas of biology. By featuring work in clinical and drug discovery settings, the conference will also highlight the potential for translating new knowledge of DNA-damage responses towards better understanding, diagnosing and treating human disease.

Conference chair: Prof Steve Jackson (University of Cambridge, UK)