Maintenance of Genome Stability 2014

Start date
March 3, 2014
End date
March 6, 2014
Marriott St. Kitts Resort
St. Kitts

- DNA repair, replication and recombination
- Checkpoints and cell cycle control
- Control by post-translational modifications
- Links to nuclear architecture, chromosome biology, chromatin, transcription and other processes
- Genome instability in disease and ageing; diagnostic and therapeutic applications

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Conference program available
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Abreview competition winner!
Congratulations to Sarah Sabir from Dept of Biochemistry, University of Leicester, UK! Sarah is the winner of our Abreview competition (for her Abreview on ab14085).

Sarah's prize is a free conference registration. She will be presenting a poster on "Validating Nek11 as a novel target for colorectal cancer drug development".

The fifth meeting in the series
The fifth meeting in the Maintenance of Genome Stability series will once again be chaired by Prof Steve Jackson (University of Cambridge, UK), who has put together a speaker line-up that includes new and familiar faces.

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This meeting will bring together researchers investigating how DNA damage is generated, and is dealt with at the molecular, cellular and whole-organism levels. In addition to addressing well-studied but as yet incompletely understood research areas, the meeting will feature scientists who are linking DNA-damage responses to diverse new areas of biology. By featuring work in clinical and drug discovery settings, the conference will also highlight the potential for translating new knowledge of DNA-damage responses towards better understanding, diagnosing and treating human disease.

Conference chair: Prof Steve Jackson (University of Cambridge, UK)