Crossing Boundaries: Linking Metabolism to Epigenetics

Start date
May 1, 2014
End date
May 2, 2014
Norton’s Woods Conference Center at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Cambridge, MA

-Histone acetylation and acetyl-coA pools
-Natural metabolites as inhibitors of epigenetic enzymes
-One carbon cycle regulation of DNA and histone methylation
-Cancer metabolism and epigenetics
-Signaling in metabolism and chromatin dynamics

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Program Announcement The program for this two day meeting can be found here

Poster Prize Competition! A panel of judges will be viewing all posters at this meeting and reward the following prizes:

First Place: $300 Cash Prize
Second Place: $200 Cash Prize
Third Place: $100 Cash Prize  


Crossing Boundaries: Linking Metabolism to Epigenetics will be chaired by Raul Mostoslavsky and Abcam. Research in the Mostoslavsky Laboratory focuses on understanding how compaction of DNA, namely chromatin dynamics, modulates biological processes including gene transcription, DNA recombination and DNA repair. 


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The keynote lecturer will be Craig Thompson, President and CEO of Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Joining our keynote speaker is a list of 11 experts in the field. Visit the speaker tab for a complete listing. 


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In recent years, the crosstalk between cellular metabolic demands and changes to chromatin the cell utilizes to adapt to metabolic challenges has been increasingly apparent. In this meeting, we will discuss recent advances in understanding, at the molecular level, such crosstalk and their important contribution to cellular homeostasis.