Chromothripsis, Clustered Mutation and Complex Chromosome Rearrangements

Start date
September 21, 2014
End date
September 23, 2014
Norton's Woods Conference Center
Cambridge, MA
  • Mutation and Chromosome Rearrangements I
  • Mutation and Chromosome Rearrangements II
  • Chromosome Fragility
  • Translocation Mechanisms

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Latest news

Due to popular demand, we will accept poster abstracts until August 15, 2014. 

Abcam is proud to announce the chair of this meeting is Ralph Scully (Beth Israel Deaconess Med Ctr, US) joined by co-chair James Haber (Brandeis University, US)


Program released. A tentative program is now available for download. 


This conference will bring together researchers working on chromothripsis and other complex, localized patterns of mutation in human disease and in model organisms. We plan to cover this exciting field from the dual perspectives of bioinformatic analysis of genomic sequencing data and classical analysis of biological model systems. There will be four major sessions: Mutation and Chromosome Rearrangements I, Mutation and Chromosome Rearrangements II, Chromosome Fragility and Translocation Mechanisms. The program will create an exciting opportunity to share data and ideas in this new and rapidly developing field. We hope that it will also foster new collaborations between groups working in this area. Each of the four major sessions will include oral presentations selected from the submitted poster abstracts.