Become an Abcam Collaborator

Suggest a new antibody or let us sell your existing antibodies

  Sabrina Edmonds, PhD

 Sabrina Edmonds (large) 
 If either of these collaborations
 are of interest to you, please
 contact Sabrina Edmonds,
 Business Developement
 Manager for Neuroscience
 at Abcam.

1. Academic collaboration

We can make antibodies for your lab. You make confidential suggestions and we make affinity-purified antibodies at no cost to you. It typically takes four months from acceptance of your suggestion to the receipt of your new antibody. You get exclusive free use of the antibody for a period, and then, when you are happy with the results, we begin selling the antibody. You receive a sales royalty on all your suggested antibodies.

2. Commercialization of existing antibodies

We can sell antibodies that you have made in your lab. We pay you a quarterly royalty, and deal with all the time consuming logistics on your behalf such as shipping and marketing. This may help in freeing up time in the lab, previously devoted to sending out antibodies to meet requests. Log into your account now to find out more about this process.