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Rewards for Abreviews

All Abreviews are currently rewarded with 50 Abcam points. If you submit an image as well you recieve 100 extra Abcam points! 

Review Icon nNOS (neuronal) antibody (ab1376)

     Abreview  submitted by Chris Anderson on 3 Sept 04

"We tested the antibody on mouse brain extracts using the Abcam 6885 anti goat HRP. Got the two bands as predicted in the data sheet..."

Review Icon Nestin antibody [3k1] - Neuronal Marker (ab6320)

    Abreview submitted by Abigail Rao on 1 Jul 04

"I used this antibody for immunohistochemistry on human neural tissue, and found what appeared to be very antigen-specific and crisp staining... Though I did not run a dilution series with the primary, this concentration seemed to yield sufficient signal and low background for my application."

Review Icon Nestin antibody [3k1] - Neuronal Marker (ab6320)

     Abreview submitted by Nancy Herrera on 2 Sept 04

"Used ab6320 to stain neuronal cell lines for nestin antibody... Reagent met our research expectations in vitro."

Review Icon Nicastrin antibody (ab3444)

     Abreview submitted by Leann Massey on 7 Jul 04

"This antibody works wonderfully. It is very clean for western blotting... by far the very best”

Review Icon Notch antibody (ab8925)

     Abreview submitted by Paola Rizzo on 6 Sept 04

"This is a good antibody.... clearly binds the active form versus transmembrane."

Review Icon Notch 1 antibody [A6] (ab3294)

     Abreview submitted by Judit Pongracz on 14 Jun 04

"Your Notch1 antibody was the only one, which actually worked... How well it worked: very well ..."

Review Icon  SAP 102 antibody (ab3438)

      Abreview submitted by Chris Anderson on 2 Sept 04

"We did a western on a mouse brain extract, but saw no bands at the expected molecular weight. We also tried the antibody in IHC on frozen sections of adult mouse brain... We saw various nerve cell bodies stained in the cerebrum, with some cells staining in the hippocampus, but no staining in the neuropil. This is unlike any previously published data on SAP 102 expression in the mouse..."

Abcam's response:

"Thank you for testing this antibody on mouse samples and sharing your results with us. This product has been characterized using rat samples... from your data ab3438 does not recognize mouse SAP102."

Review Icon SHANK1 antibody (ab3896)

    Abreview submitted by Chris Anderson on 2 Sept 04

"We tried this antibody on mouse brain extract in a western, but saw no bands... We also tested the antibody on frozen mouse brain sections ... no staining there either - so don't think that this one works on mouse."

Abcam's response:

"... ab3896 has been characterized on human samples and it seems that it does not recognizes the mouse SHANK1 protein. We believe that our customers will find your results very useful. "

Review Icon Synapsin I antibody (ab8)

     Abreview submitted by T.C. Jacob on 5 Aug 04

"The anti-synapsinI-ab8 works very well. I used it for immunofluorescence of paraformaldehyde fixed hippocampal neurons in culture at 7-14 DIV. The antibody was reconstituted in PBS as per abcam's instructions..."

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