Anti-KAT3A / CBP antibody - ChIP Grade (ab2832)

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ab2832 has been referenced in 21 publications.

  • Tsukamoto D  et al. HNF-4 participates in the hibernation-associated transcriptional regulation of the chipmunk hibernation-related protein gene. Sci Rep 7:44279 (2017). ChIP . PubMed: 28281641
  • Liu Y  et al. Dibutyryl-cAMP attenuates pulmonary fibrosis by blocking myofibroblast differentiation via PKA/CREB/CBP signaling in rats with silicosis. Respir Res 18:38 (2017). WB ; Rat . PubMed: 28222740
  • Duan S  et al. PTEN deficiency reprogrammes human neural stem cells towards a glioblastoma stem cell-like phenotype. Nat Commun 6:10068 (2015). ChIP . PubMed: 26632666
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