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Focus panel for miRNA profiling

miRNA profiling made even easier.

​Interested in measuring how miRNA profiles change in your system but don't have access to a flow cytometer or time to run the assay? Send us your samples and our expert service lab will perform the analysis and send you a detailed report containing publication quality images.

You can use our sample profiling service to analyze miRNAs with your own custom-designed panels, or with one of our convenient pre-designed focus panels. Our focus panels contain a set of 68 miRNAs that have been demonstrated to be differentially regulated in different disease states.

Note: to run the assay you must select both the miRNA panel (focus or custom) and a core reagent kit.

Learn more about the service (PDF download)

FirePlex®​ is the new name for our Firefly assays.

This service is currently only supported for customers in North America and Europe. If you are outside of these areas please contact us for more information.

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