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MicroRNA (miRNA) and non-coding RNA conference calendar 2017/18

View our list of upcoming microRNA and non-coding RNA conferences, meetings, workshops and webinars for 2017 and 2018, or scroll down for our miRNA webinar archive.


22–26 Aug 2017 Conference Eukaryotic mRNA ProcessingCSHLNew York, US
31–01 Sept 2017 Conference Molecular Biology Conference Conference SeriesPennsylvania, US
06–10 Sept 2017 Conference EMBO Conference: Protein Synthesis and Translational ControlEMBO|EMBLHeidelberg, Germany 
13–16 Sept 2017 Conference EMBO|EMBL Symposium: The Non-Coding Genome EMBO|EMBLHeidelberg, Germany 
08–09 Nov 2017 Conference Genetic and Protein Engineering Conference SeriesLas Vegas, US
20–03 June 2018 Conference RNA 2018 Annual Meeting of the RNA Society RNA Society Berkeley, US 
25–01 Mar 2018 Conference Non-coding RNAs: Form, Function, Physiology Keystone SymposiaColorada, US

Webinar archive - learn more about miRNA and non-coding RNA

03-Dec-15How to Integrate microRNA-Seq and Gene Expression DataPartekOnline
02-Dec-15Using NGS-based miRNA Profiling to Develop Signatures for Potential Clinical ApplicationsHTG MolecularOnline
01-Dec-15Profiling miRNA from single cellsQiagenOnline
29-Sep-15Expanding the dynamic range of microRNA expressionQiagenOnline
11-Nov-15Total RNA Discovery: Studying Gene ExpressionX-TalksOnline
04-Nov-15Developing miRNA Biomarker Technologies for Infection-related CancersAbcamOnline
15-Jun-15New Perspectives on microRNA in Disease and TherapyNew ScientistOnline
24-Jun-16Recent Work and Current Methods for Profiling Extracellular microRNAsLG SciencesOnline
09-Jun-15microRNA-Seq in serum and plasmaExiqonOnline
20-Mar-15A review on Non-coding RNA and EpigeneticsAbcamOnline

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