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SimpleStep ELISA™ kits

Do you wish running ELISA assays was faster and more reproducible?

For the same cost as a standard ELISA, you can halve your assay time without compromising sensitivity or reliability.

In the SimpleStep ELISA protocol, capture and detection antibodies bind to the human analyte in solution, then the complex is immobilized in the well through an immunoaffinity tag. Fewer washes mean higher sensitivity and lower variability!

Download a PDF of our SimpleStep ELISA protocol

“This kit was very easy to use and the fastest ELISA I have ever performed. The dynamic range was excellent.”

- Doris Wiener, Associate in Research, University of South Florida


  • Time saving
    • Results in less than 2 hours, 50% less assay time than a regular ELISA
  • Single wash
    • Eliminates intermediate incubations and reduces human error with a one-step wash protocol
  • Reproducibility
    • Consistent data with a lower coefficient of variation than standard ELISA
  • Ease
    • Detailed protocol booklet provides guidance for dilutions and sample preparation

SimpleStep ELISA kits coming soon

  • Alpha fetoprotein
  • sEGFR
  • Exodus 2
  • GPX1
  • IgG Canine
  • HSP27
  • IL-16
  • MCP3
  • Midkine
  • Persephin
  • TAC
  • Thymidine phosphorylase

Example of validation data

Fibrinogen Human SimpleStep ELISA kit (ab171578)

Sensitivity 139 pg/ml
Range 0.14 ng/ml - 100 ng/ml

Figure 2 FB NHP

Titration of Human plasma within the working range of the assay.

Intra-assay precision CV = 2.2%

Inter-assay precision CV = 8.3%