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The FirePlex® miRNA assay: how to buy

Find the panels, kits and equipment you need for the FirePlex miRNA assay.


To run the FirePlex miRNA assay, you will need a particle panel and a core kit.

1. Select your particle panel

Pre-designed panels

Study typeProduct nameDescription
Discovery studies

Discovery Panel – Plasma/Serum Focus ab217048 

Discovery Panel – Immunology Focus ab217050

Discovery Panel – Rodent Focus ab217052

Panel containing 400 miRNAs: panel can be customized for use with rodent, immunology, or plasma/serum markers
Verification studies

Liver toxicity 

Focus panels for detection of 65 miRNAs for specific research areas




Pre-designed particle panels include internal controls to validate assay performance and probes for miRNAs that can be used for normalization between samples.

Custom panels

Design your own custom panel containing between 5 and 65 miRNAs. Contact us for more information.

2. Select your core kit

Sample typeProduct name
Crude BiofluidFirePlex Core Reagent Kit – Biofluids ab218342
Purified RNAFirePlex Core Reagent Kit – RNA ab218365

Equipment checklist

  • Flow cytometer
  • Vacuum manifold
  • Shaking incubator
  • miRNA Workflow Validation Kit

FirePlex®​ is the new name for our Firefly assays.

FIREPLEX is a registered trademark in the United States and is an unregistered trademark elsewhere.

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