Multiplex miRNA assays

Our multiplex miRNA assays using Firefly® particle technology permit profiling of up to 68 miRNAs across multiple samples, with readout on a standard flow cytometer. Using this technology we have developed the Multiplex Cellular miRNA Assay for ease of workflow and the Multiple Circulating miRNA Assay for high-sensitivity miRNA profiling directly from crude biofluids.

Firefly® is a registered trade mark in the United States and is registered as a European Union Trade Mark.


Learn about our multiplex miRNA assays

Find out how they work and which is right for you with our guide to multiplex miRNA assays.

Benefits of our multiplex miRNA assays

Learn more about our circulating and cellular miRNA assays and how they can benefit your experiment.

Everything you need to run our assays

Discover what you need: protocols, controls, equipment, software and more, it's all here.

Webinars about miRNA

Browse our collection of miRNA focused webinars and learn more about this exciting area.

Panels for your research area

Quickly and easily profile the miRNAs most relevant to your research area with our focus panels.

​Sample profiling service

Send us your samples to our expert service lab for analysis. Over 10,000 samples analysed.

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