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Scientific pathway poster library

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All files are in pdf format, use the free Acrobat Reader software to view them. *Titles with an asterisk are available in hard copy.

Popular pathways

Apoptosis and Cancer signaling pathways
AKT signaling pathway
Cancer metabolism*
Cancer pathway
Cell adhesion and metastasis*

By research area



AKT signaling pathway
Apoptosis and Cancer signaling pathways
Apoptosis pathway
ATM pathway
Cancer and stromal cell metabolism pathway*
Cancer metabolism
Cancer pathways
Caspase cascade
Cell adhesion and metastasis*
Cyclins and cell cycle regulation*
EGF pathway
MAPK pathway
MAPK-ERK pathway*
MAPK-JNK pathway*
MAPK-p38 pathway*
Mitochondrial function in cancer
mTOR signaling
Nitric oxide signaling (3MB)
p53 pathway
Ras pathway
ROS impairs mitochondrial function
Tumor microenvironment and the immune system

Stem cells

From teratomas to embryonic Stem cells*
Induced pluripotency
Haematopoietic Stem cells, niches and differentiation pathways
JAK/STAT signaling pathway
Molecular mechanisms of stem cell identity and fate
Stem cell lineage and identity*
TGFB SMAD signaling pathway*
The emerging biology of Cancer Stem cells
Wnt signaling pathway*


AMPK signaling
Autophagy in heart disease (4.5mb)
Canonical NFkB signaling in atherosclerosis
Cardiac lineage
Calcium signaling pathway
Contractile dysfunction pathway
Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in heart development*
Integrin signaling in sheer stress-induced endothelial cell dysfunction
Hypertrophy pathway
Leukocyte recruitment in inflammation
Lipids and inflammation in atherogenesis
Lipid metabolism pathway
Nitric oxide signaling (3MB)
Remodeling of the heart
Scavenger receptors in atherosclerosis


Epigenetic modifications*
Inflammatory pain
mTOR signaling
p53 pathway
Tumor microenvironment and the immune system*

Epigenetics and Nuclear signaling

ATM pathway
Chromatin remodelling and the transcription cycle*
Cyclins and cell cycle regulation
DNA repair pathways
Epigenetic modifications*
Nucleocytoplasmic transport pathways
Polycomb group proteins and cancer
Production and actions of small RNAs
p53 pathway
Readout of Chromatin marks by histone-binding module
Replication Chromatin assembly
Ubiquitin chains*


Adult neurogenesis*
Central regulation of energy balance
Chemokines signaling
Excitatory synapse pathway* (7mb)
Glia and demyelinating diseases*
Glutamatergic cortical neurogenesis
GSK3 signaling poster*
Inflammatory pain*
Inhibitors of axonal regeneration
New avenues for brain repair
Secreted extracellular vesicles


Amino acids and antibodies
Antigen processing by MHCs
Chemokines and their receptors (10 MB)
Chemokines signaling*
Complement cascade*
Cytokine proteins
Inflammatory pain
Immunophenotyping: lymphoid cell maturation*
Immunophenotyping: myeloid cell maturation*
Inflammatory mechanisms of asthma*
T cells: the usual subsets*
T cell development*
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway*


AMPK signaling
Cell aging and metabolism*
ER stress pathway*
HIFα in hypoxia and normoxia
Insulin pathway*
Mitochondrial dynamics, mitophagy and autophagy*
Mitochondrial function in cancer*
Monitoring proteins movements to and from the mitochondrion in apoptosis
Myocardial fatty acid metabolism*
Oxidative phosphorylation*