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Antibodies to c-Myc and Myc tag

Whether you’re studying endogenous c-Myc or Myc-tagged proteins, aim for perfection with our highly validated Myc antibodies.

Mouse monoclonal antibody (9E10 clone) to the Myc tag to study Myc-tagged proteins and c-Myc*; our 9E10 clone is characterized better than any other available Myc-tag antibody.

Rabbit monoclonal antibody (Y69) to c-Myc to specifically detect endogenous c-Myc.

​Both antibodies are:

  • Rated as excellent by users and cited in many publications
  • Protein A/G purified for your convenience
  • Available in large volumes – contact us for more information on bulk ordering

Select the right antibody for your experiments:

9E10 clone (ab32)Y69 RabMAb® clone (ab32072)
Recognizes ​Myc tagYesNo
Recognizes endogenous c-MycYes* – C-term of human c-MycYes – N-term of human, mouse, and rat c-Myc
ApplicationsChIP, ELISA, flow cytometry, ICC/IF, IHC, IP, protein purification, western blotFlow cytometry, ICC/IF, IHC, IP, western blot
Host species and clonalityMouse monoclonalRabbit monoclonal
BSA and azide free formulationContact usYes
Available conjugatesHRP, FITC, Phycoerythrin, Dylight® 488, and moreHRP, Alexa Fluor® 647, 488, and more
Suggested secondary antibodiesGoat anti-mouse IgG (HRP) or (Alexa Fluor® 488)Goat anti-rabbit IgG (HRP) or (Alexa Fluor® 488)
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10 µl trial size

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*As the 9E10 clone binding epitope is on the Myc dimerization interface, it binds well in applications where Myc is denatured (eg, western blot) but sometimes binds weakly in applications where Myc is in its native form.

ICC/IF = immunocytochemistry; IHC = immunohistochemistry.

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