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Best-in-class IHC markers

Find out about the benefits of our range of IHC-optimized rabbit monoclonal SP clones  

We have signed an exclusive agreement with Spring Bioscience to sell their range of IHC-optimized recombinant rabbit monoclonal SP Clones. 

The SP clones have been specifically developed for use in pathology and cancer research. They are made using the same technology as our existing RabMAb® antibodies, ensuring lot-to-lot consistency, specificity, and sensitivity

Benefits of using SP clones

  • Recognized as best-in-class IHC markers used in pathology.
  • Optimized for use in formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) human tissue samples.
  • Well-cited.
  • Includes gold-standard markers against popular targets including Estrogen receptor alpha [SP1]         (ab16660)
  • Includes innovative and novel targets from cancer and immuno-oncology fields, including mutation-specific antibodies, eg BRAF V600E [VE1] (ab228461)

​​Gold standard IHC markers against popular targets

​The range covers core targets for pathology and cancer research including

​​Cancer biomarker targets covered

By extending our range, we now have exclusive access to exciting, new, cancer biomarker antibodies.

Target name

Clone ID


catalog ID


catalog ID

BRAF V600EVE1E19290ab228461
Cleaved PTEN
GIV (pY1765)SP158M4584ab130424

See the full list of our new and exclusive cancer biomarker antibodies here.

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