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Rabbit monoclonal antibody production services

We are pleased to offer our powerful RabMAb® technology for creation of sensitive, specific custom rabbit monoclonal antibodies.

Abcam Custom Services utilizes RabMAb® technology, our patented antibody technology, for the development of high quality rabbit monoclonals.

Our team has a demonstrated record of success developing RabMAb® primary antibodies against challenging targets such as splice variants, point mutations, species-specific orthologs, post-translational modifications, and small molecule compounds. More than 550 institutions and 150 pharma and biotech companies have benefited from our custom antibody development. 

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Submit immunogens as recombinant proteins, synthetic peptides, small molecules, cDNA expression vectors, cells or even pathological tissue samples. Alternatively, you can provide the spleen of an immunized rabbit to initiate the monoclonal phase of antibody development. Or better yet, you can simply provide the target information and we will produce the immunogens.

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​​​We also provide comprehensive services for antibody cloning, engineering, expression, and purification in addition to custom antibody development.

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RabMAb® advantages

The rabbit immune system generates antibody diversity and optimizes affinity by mechanisms different from those of mice and other rodents. RabMAb® technology produces reagents that combine the superior antigen recognition of a rabbit antibody with the specificity and consistency of a monoclonal. Two major advantages that set these apart from traditional mouse and rabbit antibodies are:

High affinity:

On average, RabMAb® primary antibodies have 10-100x higher affinity than mouse monoclonals, with KD values often in the picomolar (10-12 M) range and up to 10-14 M.

High specificity:

Immunization of rabbits results in a highly diverse suite of B-lymphocytes and an abundance of splenocytes. The breadth of available cells means a greater chance of finding antibodies that distinguish between similar molecules and therefore improved specificity.

Harness the RabMAb® advantages to develop antibodies that are:

Custom Services offer you:

  • High-quality custom antibodies tailored to your needs
  • Dedicated PhD-level project management throughout entire project scope
  • Opportunities for you to perform sample testing at various stages
  • Experience gained from working with 550+ institutions and 150+ pharma and biotech companies
  • Products made in compliance with Abcam’s global quality management system

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About RabMAb® technology

RabMAb® technology is the only available hybridoma-based technology for making rabbit monoclonal antibodies. We have developed a unique and proprietary method for developing monoclonal antibodies from rabbits that is distinct from the conventional method of starting with mice.

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