Anti-PUMA antibody [EP512Y] (ab33906)

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ab33906 has been referenced in 22 publications.

  • Wang Y  et al. PAK1 overexpression promotes cell proliferation in cutaneous T cell lymphoma via suppression of PUMA and p21. J Dermatol Sci N/A:N/A (2018). WB . PubMed: 29307600
  • Kim SY  et al. Downregulation of X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein by '7-Benzylidenenaltrexone maleate' sensitizes pancreatic cancer cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis. Oncotarget 8:61057-61071 (2017). PubMed: 28977846
  • Hong SS  et al. PUMA gene delivery to synoviocytes reduces inflammation and degeneration of arthritic joints. Nat Commun 8:146 (2017). PubMed: 28747638
  • Yokoyama T  et al. Apoptosis is augmented in high-grade serous ovarian cancer by the combined inhibition of Bcl-2/Bcl-xL and PARP. Int J Oncol N/A:N/A (2017). WB ; Human . PubMed: 28350129
  • Liu H  et al. EZH2-mediated Puma gene repression regulates non-small cell lung cancer cell proliferation and cisplatin-induced apoptosis. Oncotarget 7:56338-56354 (2016). IHC . PubMed: 27472460
  • Gong SJ  et al. Upregulation of PP2Ac predicts poor prognosis and contributes to aggressiveness in hepatocellular carcinoma. Cancer Biol Ther 17:151-62 (2016). PubMed: 26618405
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  • Fritsche MK  et al. Cisplatin fails to induce puma mediated apoptosis in mucosal melanomas. Oncotarget 6:9887-96 (2015). IHC-P ; Human . PubMed: 25831048
  • Spurlock CF  et al. Methotrexate-mediated inhibition of nuclear factor ?B activation by distinct pathways in T cells and fibroblast-like synoviocytes. Rheumatology (Oxford) N/A:N/A (2014). PubMed: 25118313
  • Wilson AM  et al. ASPP1/2 regulate p53-dependent death of retinal ganglion cells through PUMA and Fas/CD95 activation in vivo. J Neurosci 33:2205-16 (2013). WB ; Rat, Mouse . PubMed: 23365256
  • Jang SM  et al. Transcription factor Sox4 is required for PUMA-mediated apoptosis induced by histone deacetylase inhibitor, TSA. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 438:445-51 (2013). WB ; Human . PubMed: 23916609
  • Yang CF  et al. Cancer stem-like cell characteristics induced by EB virus-encoded LMP1 contribute to radioresistance in nasopharyngeal carcinoma by suppressing the p53-mediated apoptosis pathway. Cancer Lett N/A:N/A (2013). Human . PubMed: 24262659
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