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Mounting media

Mounting media

Subsequent to immunochemical staining mounting media is used to adhere a coverslip to a tissue section or cell smear. Mounting media is important in protecting the specimen and staining from physical damage but also plays important role in improving the clarity and contrast of an image during microscopy.

There are two categories of mounting media, organic and aqueous (or hydrophobic and hydrophilic respectively).

Organic mounting media can only be used for enzymatic labels where the precipitate formed between the enzyme and the chromogen is not soluble in alcohols or organic solvents used during mounting of the tissue (e.g. chromogen: diaminobenzidine (DAB)).

Aqueous mounting media is generally suitable for all enzymatic label/chromogen combinations and fluorescent labels. Learn more about mounting media in "Renshaw S, Immunohistochemistry Methods Express".

Recommended mounting media for non-fluorescent imaging

For mounting in immunohistochemistry detection using enzymatic chromogens (e.g. peroxidase or phosphatase chromogens: Steady DAB/Plus or StayRed/AP Plus)

Product nameSize/descriptionTypeProduct code
ImmunoHistoMount Medium30mLAqueousab104131
ImmunoHistoMount Medium100mLAqueousab104132
ImmunoHistoMount Medium250mLAqueousab104133
ImmunoHistoMount Medium1000mLAqueousab104134
Limonene Mounting Medium30mLNon-aqueousab104141
Mounting Medium125mLAqueousab64230

Recommended mounting media for fluorescent imaging

For fluorescent imaging, mounting media such as Fluoroshield preserves fluorescence in tissue and cytological smears, enabling imaging of samples after prolonged storage. Fluoroshield mounting media with 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI) and Propidium Iodide (PI) also include a counterstain for DNA.

Product nameSize/descriptionTypeProduct code
Aqueuos Mounting Medium6mLAqueousab128982
BrightMount Mounting Medium25mLAqueousab103746
BrightMount Mounting Medium (Anti-fading)25mLAqueousab103748
Fluoroshield Mounting Medium20mLAqueousab104135
Fluoroshield Mounting Medium100mLAqueousab104136
Fluoroshield Mounting Medium250mLAqueousab104137
Fluoroshield Mounting Medium1000mLAqueousab104138
Fluoroshield Mounting Medium With DAPI20mLAqueousab104139
Fluoroshield Mounting Medium With DAPI100mLAqueousab104140
Fluoroshield Mounting Medium With PI20mLAqueousab104129
Fluoroshield Mounting Medium With PI100mLAqueousab104130