• NatureRecombinant
  • SourceEscherichia coli
  • Amino Acid Sequence
    • SpeciesHuman


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  • Biological activitySpecific Activity: 320 pmol/min/mg.
  • Applications

    Functional Studies


  • FormLiquid
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Preparation and Storage

  • Stability and Storage

    Shipped on Dry Ice. Upon delivery aliquot. Store at -80°C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycle.

    Preservative: None
    Constituents: 30% Glycerol, 0.05% Tween 20, 3mM DTT, 25mM Tris HCl, 100mM Sodium chloride, pH 8.0

    This product is an active protein and may elicit a biological response in vivo, handle with caution.

General Info

  • Alternative names
    • ANM 1
    • ANM1
    • ANM1_HUMAN
    • HCP 1
    • HCP1
    • Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein methyltransferase 1 like 2
    • Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins methyltransferase like 2
    • Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins methyltransferase like2
    • Histone-arginine N-methyltransferase PRMT1
    • HMT 2
    • HMT1 (hnRNP methyltransferase S. cerevisiae) like 2
    • HMT1 hnRNP methyltransferase
    • HMT1 hnRNP methyltransferase like 2
    • HMT1 hnRNP methyltransferase like 2 (S. cerevisiae)
    • HMT2
    • HRMT1 L2
    • HRMT1L 2
    • HRMT1L2
    • Human mRNA for suppressor for yeast mutant
    • Human mRNA for suppressor for yeast mutant complete cds
    • Interferon receptor 1 bound protein 4
    • Interferon receptor 1 bound protein4
    • Interferon receptor 1-bound protein 4
    • Interferon receptor 1bound protein 4
    • IR1 B4
    • IR1B 4
    • IR1B4
    • Mrmt 1
    • Mrmt1
    • PRMT 1
    • PRMT1
    • Protein arginine methyltransferase 1
    • Protein arginine N methyltransferase 1
    • Protein arginine N methyltransferase1
    • Protein arginine N-methyltransferase 1
    • R1B4
    • S. cerevisiae like 2
    see all
  • FunctionArginine methyltransferase that methylates (mono and asymmetric dimethylation) the guanidino nitrogens of arginyl residues present in proteins such as ESR1, histone H2, H3 and H4, PIAS1, HNRNPA1, HNRNPD, NFATC2IP, SUPT5H, TAF15 and EWS. Constitutes the main enzyme that mediates monomethylation and asymmetric dimethylation of histone H4 'Arg-4' (H4R3me1 and H4R3me2a, respectively), a specific tag for epigenetic transcriptional activation. Together with dimethylated PIAS1, represses STAT1 transcriptional activity, in the late phase of interferon gamma (IFN-gamma) signaling. May be involved in the regulation of TAF15 transcriptional activity, act as an activator of estrogen receptor (ER)-mediated transactivation, play a key role in neurite outgrowth and act as a negative regulator of megakaryocytic differentiation, by modulating p38 MAPK pathway.
  • Tissue specificityWidely expressed.
  • Sequence similaritiesBelongs to the protein arginine N-methyltransferase family.
  • Cellular localizationNucleus. Cytoplasm > cytosol.
  • Information by UniProt

Recombinant human PRMT1 protein images

  • Image showing specific activity of ab80293.
  • 10% SDS-PAGE showing ab80293 at approximately 68kDa (3µg).

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