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Secondary antibodies

Biotinylated antibodies

Biotin forms large complexes with avidin or streptavidin for signal amplification. Learn about the different methods that use biotin-conjugated antibodies.


Antibody identification program

Searching for antibodies to multiple protein targets for a large-scale project? Partner with us and we'll do the searching for you. We have the bandwidth, expertise, product depth and custom service to provide you a complete solution.


Developing miRNA Biomarker Technologies

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Jordan Plieskatt of the Bethony Lab at GWU discuss his labs' use of multiplexing technologies for multiple miRNA detections from crude matrices in a large number of samples as required for cancer screening.


Our guide to histone modifications

Histones pack and order the DNA into nucleosomes, the building blocks of chromatin. Each nucleosome contains two subunits each of histones, known as the core histones. They are characterized by a large number of post-translational modifications. Learn more.


Signaling pathways involving PKC

Protein kinase C (PKC) refers to a large family of kinases with the ability to regulate the activity of other proteins by phosphorylating hydroxyl groups of threonine and serine present in these proteins. Read about PKC involvement in different pathways and in cancer.


ChIP troubleshooting tips

Find out how to troubleshoot common ChIP problems such as high background in non-specific antibody controls, low signal, low resolution with high background across large regions and more.


Large volume orders

Scale up your project with the same product quality and customer support you expect from standard catalog products.

Western blot protocols

Transfer and staining of proteins in western blot

Discover the process of the transfer of proteins in this section of our detailed guide to western blotting, including the visualization of proteins in gels.


Applications of ChIP

Watch this on-demand applications of ChIP webinar to learn about epigenetics, ChIP and histone modifications.

Western Blot

An Introduction to Western Blotting

In this on-demand introductory webinar to western blotting, our resident expert gives advice on sample preparation through to detection, as well as offering a few troubleshooting tips.

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