All tags western-blot Beginning western blot with Abcam webinar

Optiblot gel electrophoresis and western blot reagents

Beginning western blot with Abcam webinar

New to western blotting or want to refresh your knowledge?

Listen in as our our scientific support expert, Heather Allen, reviews tips and tricks on how to plan and optimize your western blot experiments. 

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Webinar topics:

  • The basic of western blot
  • A review of different types of antibodies available from Abcam
  • Tips on selecting antibodies for your samples and targets 
  • Troubleshooting tips

Meet our presenter

Heather received a Bachelor's in Psychology from Vassar College, focusing on Physiological Psychology. She then spent 6 years working at Beth Israel Deaconess as research assistant studying chemokine signaling, relying heavily on western blot in the lab. 

Heather has been a Scientific Support Specialist at Abcam since 2010.

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