Human estrogen ELISA to detect mouse estrogen levels.

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I attempted this kit twice to determine estrogen levels in mice. The first time many of my samples were out of range so I tried to optimize by leaving my samples overnight and lowering my standard values to get a better estimation of the lower concentrations. However, it appears that the levels of mouse estrogen are too low to be detected by this kit. My highest values were seen in my female mice that underwent an ovariectomy (F ovx samples) 5 weeks prior to testing their plasma - I expected these levels to be nearly zero. While I am sure this kit works well for humans, I do not recommend using it for mice that are not in heat. I have attached my graphed data. Key M: male mice, F: female mice, F (ovx): ovariectomized mice, F sham: female mice that underwent a sham surgery 2 hours means the sample was left for 2 hours, ON means the sample was incubated overnight.

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Submitted Aug 20 2014

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