Question (73030) | 4-DAMP, Muscarinic receptor antagonist (ab120144)

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I was wondering if 4-DAMP (cat. number: ab120144) is soluble in water or saline (or artificial cerebrospinal fluid) to any degree? I see that it is soluble in DMSO up to 100mM, but I have seen other vendors say it is minimally soluble in water or soluble in DMSO only up to 25mM.


Thank you for contacting us. Below are the results in water.

1033μL of HPLC grade water were added to 3.1mg of 4-DAMP to achieve a concentration of 3mg/ml and the sealed vial shaken. Some larger solid particles remained undissolved.

Ultrasonics were applied and the vial shaken. Very slight haziness was observed (almost clear).

Gentle warming was applied to approximately 30-40 OC. A clear colourless solution was formed.

Conclusion: 4-DAMP, APN07105-3-1 is soluble to 3mg/ml in water with ultrasonic assistance and gentle warming to approximately 30-40OC.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

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