Question (30231) | Anti-5-methylcytosine (5-mC) antibody [5MC-CD] (ab73938)

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Hi, Thank you for impressive progress in your company.I used 5-mcytosine antibody ab73938 from your company 3 years ago, for western blotting as it had been indicated in catalogue where as in your new recent one you have pointed to southern blot indication.May I know your reason for this change. All best wishes


Thank you for your inquiry. We already removed Southern Blot as application as well as Western Blot. Both applications are somewhat inappropriate since the antibody target is not protein but DNA with methylated cytosine. But I am happy to confirm that this antibody can be used for "immunoblotting" as published by Sano et al. Please review the specific references section of the datasheet for more publications. If you have used this antibody before, we would like to encourage you to submit an Abreview. You would earn Abpoints that can be redeemed as discount on future purchases or Amazon gift vouchers. If you are planning to purchase this antibody shortly, please let me know since you might be eligible to take part in our "supply an image" discount program. I hope this information is helpful. please do not hesitate to contact me again with any further questions or concerns.

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